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Mrs. Shailaja has studied about latest technologies in the aesthetic field & Beauty Industry and Commercial Operations Natural Beauty Products manufacturing and International Market trends and launching the products at international front and now successfully are operating Rojas at Karimnagar, Telengana.

Spreading the fragrance of a beauteous persona with those keen to carve a career in the beauty industry, Rojas Beauty School for Men & Women has been initiated offering part time & diploma courses, Full time Certificate courses and Government framed courses, like CDTP, (Community Development Trough Polytechnic) PMKVY (Pradhanmantri Kausal Vikas Yogjana)

Generous personalities and the gracious leader Mrs. Saka Shailaja paved a mile stone in the galaxy of beauty wherein it is known to everyone that it is not only just a beauty course with a specified time frame, but also personality development and soft skills and also organizational behavior is been imparted here in our institution.

Rojas is a beauty solutions provider believing in offering both men and women across all age groups confidence-enhancing concepts in grooming, personal care and beauty specialized programmes that aim at a poised persona. Rojas BMI 25, Weight Management Programme encompasses slimming, spot reduction and body shaping. The Rojas Ibpro formula is a unique hair removal treatment that blends the attributes of electrolysis and laser.

Rojas beauty solutions’ magical touch that speaks for itself.

Madam Shailaja had initiated the thought of making beauty products available to everyone which will and which will fit to everyone’s pocket.

After a wide research and knowledge acquisition for a period of 2 years this idea of Manufacturing / Packing has taken shape OF SYNNOVE

My Journey to Beautiful Life Serving People & Society- Shailaja

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