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Beauty culture is a demanding field, requiring artistic, technical, and entrepreneurial and communication skills. It is a career that offers unlimited opportunity to express your creative abilities. Beauty culture is a people based industry and as the esthetician you will become the part of those with whom you will work and practice your skills. To attain proficiency in beauty culture you should be a keen observer of human beings and the world around you. Beauty culture is not new to mankind, it is a natural instinct of human being to look beautiful, feel beautiful and lead a healthy life. The industry of Beauty and Wellness has grown exponentially in last many years. Keeping pace with the latest development, innovations, and trends in beauty and wellness industry the subject is designed and proposed for implementation. After completing the course students have many employment opportunities like beauty consultant, make-up artist, hair dressers, aesthetician, and also can explore own businesses etc. The purpose of this course shall be to bring together all the information about skin care, hair care, nail care, hair designing and improving communication skills, behavioral systems trough personality development, so as to become knowledgeable and successful beautician and health consultants and successful business operators. We hope this proposal will be of a great help for vocational students in learning the profession of beauty and wellness. We take this opportunity to thank my professional team who has helped in preparation of this proposal.

We from Rojas Industries humbly thank you in advance for giving your valuable time to read through our proposal for the supply of Beauty Products to Telengana State Model Schools across the state of our Telengana as a part of requirement of the syllabus for Vocational Subject Beauty & Wellness.Read More...

My Journey to Beautiful Life Serving People & Society- Shailaja

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